Carpet & Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring Services in Sydney

The timber flooring Mr and Mrs Elias installs can change the look of your room, and you can opt for anything from sleek modern floors made of engineered timber to classic solid hardwood floors that enhance a traditional home. The addition of a timber floor adds value to your home and elevates the appearance of any room.

The natural look of timber flooring makes many homeowners prefer it over other flooring options, and this type of floor tends to be easy to clean. Multiple finish options let you match your flooring to cabinets or add warmth to your space. Plus, timber flooring is versatile enough to complement almost any decor theme. Whether you are completing a whole home renovation or replacing the floors in a single room, timber flooring delivers just the right combination of beauty and durability.



What Is Timber Flooring?

Timber flooring is crafted from real wood to ensure a gorgeous natural look and long-lasting durability. You can find natural finishes that bring out the beauty of the original wood or stained options with deeper tones that fit the mood of a particular room. A light-colour hardwood can make a smaller kitchen feel more open, while dark woods add sophistication to a formal dining room. Inherent variations in natural wood provide a unique look.

What Is Engineered Timber Flooring?

Engineered timber offers an economical alternative to full hardwood flooring. It has a layer of real wood on top, so you get the look and feel of a classic timber floor. The engineered timber flooring Sydney homeowners love often features moisture-resistant finishes that hold up to damp conditions better than a traditional timber floor might. The pre-finished design of engineered flooring means it’s ready to use right after installation.

What Is Solid Timber Flooring?

Made from planks of real wood, solid timber flooring offers a natural look made from sustainable materials. Solid timber flooring in Sydney homes typically features a tongue-in-groove construction and long planks. The smooth finished surface reduces dust in the home, making solid timber floors a great option for people with allergies. Solid wood floors can also be sanded and refinished, which extends the life of your floor.

What Is Floating Timber Flooring?

If you want to install wood flooring over an existing floor without having to nail or glue it to a subfloor, floating timber floors offer quick, easy installation with minimal disruption. Floating timber flooring in Sydney is typically made with engineered timber flooring. With floating timber floors, you can start using your new flooring right away, making it an ideal option for an apartment or office renovation that needs to be ready for tenants quickly.

Why Should I Choose Mr and Mrs Elias for Residential and Commercial Timber Flooring in Sydney?

Mr and Mrs Elias makes it simple to add solid or engineered timber flooring to your residential or commercial space. We offer all-inclusive services, from initial design to final installation, so you can stick with one contractor through your entire job and eliminate the hassle of seeking out materials and supplies. Or you can work with your own architects or designers to customise the look of your project and count on Mr and Mrs Elias for expert installation.

When you’re working on a whole-room or whole-home renovation, Mr and Mrs Elias can help you create a cohesive decor theme from floor to ceiling by matching your timber flooring with complementary cabinetry and fixtures.




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