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We are home renovation specialists who project manage your home renovation package from start to finish and deliver your project on time and to budget.  You also deal directly with us throughout, which mean no sales reps or chasing tradies.

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Before we get started the most common question asked by our clients is;

Do I Need Council Approval?

Generally speaking, if you alter the structure or services of a building you will require council approval for your project. This can include extending the footprint of your home, adding a second story, building a deck which raises the height of your backyard or adding a window looking out to your neighbours.

We like to think of it as a privacy factor, you wouldn’t want your neighbours just building out and up and causing direct sight into your property.

That’s where an architect comes in; they can design something that will meet your goals but also comply with all the privacy, environmental, legal,& services related requirements.

If you are unsure whether your project requires council approval, visit your local council website and look for the “development fact sheets” or “development sections”.

If your project is completely internal and you are only knocking walls, doing a kitchen and/or bathroom renovation, painting, electrical & plumbing then it’s a grey area in which some councils don’t really like to get involved.

Most of our clients doing internal works don’t go through council. In saying that, it is your responsibility to find out what your specific council requirements are.

For internal works, you wouldn’t really need an architect if you already know your design and the look you are after. We also offer an internal design and construct package (Option 1) for your kitchen and bathroom. This is not an architect drawing, but rather a 2D & 3D drawing and in most cases more detailed. Click here to view the renovation fee options and get in touch.

If your home renovation project requires council approval, we recommend you employ an architect as a starting point way before you start talking to builders. Make sure you let your architect know your budget for the building costs so he/she designs accordingly.

Let’s get started on the juicy information;

Home Renovation Projects: Room by Room

Now let’s take a look at your home renovation project room by room, with some ideas from us about what jobs to take on, and some tips on how to make your home more liveable. Where shall we start? How about the kitchen, it’s the heart of the home and according to the Houzz Home Renovation Trends Study, the most renovated room in our homes.

Home Renovation: Kitchen – Think Function, Design & Clever storage

The kitchen is indeed the heart of any home, and we want to make sure yours meets all your expectations. That means taking the time to chat to you and understand what you want from this space.

The effort you put into planning your layout and getting the design details right will help to create a finished product that suits your lifestyle and the way you use your kitchen.

For your kitchen storage, you need to plan enough overhead cabinets, base/floor cabinets, deep drawers, and wall cabinets/pantry space – and have it all easily accessible. The goal is to reduce clutter and prioritise organisation.

The type of storage you choose can also impact your budget – so if you want lots of drawers, which are very practical, keep in mind that these cost approximately $300 each. We can also help you with advice like taking your cabinets to the top of the ceiling to maximise storage space, or by installing a larger bulkhead where the existing room cornice can wrap around seamlessly.

You also need to choose a finish and colour for your cabinetry – with laminate ($$) and polyurethane or poly ($$$) the two we recommend you consider. Kitchen benchtops also need to be chosen – and here, laminate ($), engineered stone like Caesarstone ($$) and natural stone ($$$) are all popular and have their pros and cons.

Other elements you need to think about include kitchen lighting, flooring, and materials for a splashback – with tiles, glass, and Laminex all a possibility.

In terms of your plumbing, we advise you to try to keep this in the same place – as this helps keep costs down. If you are set on changes that will mean we may need to jackhammer your floor and/or walls, which pushes the cost up.

Home renovation: Bathroom – Think Comfort, Easy Cleaning, Style

The other space you also want to get right is your bathroom. Renovating a bathroom is a similar project to overhauling a kitchen, and they normally need the same trades and contractors. In fact, we often do kitchen and bathroom renovations together, so they are our bread and butter.

Start by researching materials, fittings, and fixtures and to get an understanding of what your budget will look like.

Then we can start helping you design a layout that is practical and luxurious. Some trends to think about include wet rooms with walk-in showers, frameless glass shower screens, freestanding bathtubs and back to wall-mounted toilets. Wall-hung vanities with plenty of storage are also popular.

Bathroom fixtures and fittings should all coordinate with each other, and you need to also think about bathroom lighting, heating, ventilation, towel rails, and shelving. We recommend tiles (ceramic $ or porcelain $$) for bathroom flooring and walls as they are water-resistant, easy to clean and durable.

Thinking of changing your bathroom layout? Just be aware that moving the plumbing around in your bathroom means more work for us. Wall plumbing is not such a big problem, because the pipework is smaller and therefore easier to relocate.

But if you have solid concrete floors this is a different story, as we need to jackhammer and/or core drill through the slab to relocate the pipework. Time is money, so factor this information into your overall thinking when planning and designing your bathroom.

Needless to say, we make sure all your plumbing will meet the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) requirements, and all works are carried out by our team of top local tradies, who are all licensed by NSW Fair Trading.

Home Renovation: Living Room – Think Space, Integration, Family Hosting

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is not far behind. If you have a home with separate rooms then making the switch to open plan living makes sense. A larger combined kitchen/living/dining room is great for socialising and can also help bring a more natural flow to this part of the home, not to mention being larger and brighter.

You will be surprised what can be achieved by knocking down a wall – and one of the most popular projects is to connect a dining room and kitchen/living room. We can help you decide what makes sense, and which walls can easily be moved. If walls are load bearing you could be limited with how much you can alter these – and this is where we will need our structural engineer to help us work this out.

Wondering what a structural engineer does? They assess your structure and work out what the load and load-bearing capacity is. They then prepare drawings that confirm what size beam and columns are required, and how we should install these elements. Ultimately they take on the responsibility of the design, and we implement and install it. An engineers job is therefore to consult, design and report – they never get their hands dirty.

The image below is an example drawing from our engineers for a wall removal project. This is something we can prepare for you to get your project started.

You will also need to decide what type of flooring you want in this space – which could mean choosing a material for your kitchen/dining space as well. You can’t beat the look of solid/engineered timber ($$$), and if you don’t want to spend that much then laminate ($$) vinyl ($$) or carpet ($$) are all options.

Home renovation: Laundry – Think Clever Storage, Efficient, Simple

Take the time to plan your laundry renovation with smart storage that helps simplify your life with ample space for linen, clothing and other household products. The layout of your laundry should be practical to streamline your workload.

Think about how you want to use the space and where all your appliances – washer and dryer will live – side by side, stacked or wall mounted. Like your kitchen and bathroom, you will need to work out what cabinetry or shelving you want – closed cupboards are good for hiding stuff, while open shelving makes things easier to see and grab.

An efficient laundry also needs the right accessories to help make the space efficient – things like drying racks, retractable clothesline, and laundry bins. There are also lots of small storage solutions out there to help keep your laundry looking neat and tidy.

In terms of flooring porcelain or ceramic tiles are the most practical choice – and you can also lay these on the wall behind your benchtop or laundry tub. Avoid solid hardwood or laminate flooring as they will warp if they get too much exposure to water.

In terms of technical elements, we will make sure all your laundry plumbing is completed to the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) standards, and that all the waterproofing meets Australian Standard AS3740-201 (Waterproofing of domestic wet areas).

Home renovation: Bedrooms – Think Comfort, Clothing Storage

Renovating bedrooms is normally mostly cosmetic work, with flooring and wardrobes the most common thing to get replaced. A lot of people love carpet in a bedroom so you should take the time to research fibers and pile.

Common fibres include nylon ($) which is durable and stain resistant, and wool ($$), which feels great underfoot and can also withstand serious foot traffic. Piles come in loop pile, which is low profile and durable but will not feel very soft, or cut pile, which is denser and soft to touch.

Also check out natural looking sisal carpet, which is very dense and tough – but does need care if stained. The other major change you may want to make in a bedroom is to replace or add cupboard, wardrobe, or built-in space.

Wardrobes have also come a long way, and now have a whole range of features to optimise storage and enhance convenience. These include adjustable shelving, drawers at different heights, dedicated shoe racks, hanging rails and custom compartments for all your accessories.

Home renovations: Colour – Think Theme, Style & Vibe

There is nothing like a few new coats of paint to lift the mood of a room, or indeed a whole home – and best of all it doesn’t cost the earth.

Choosing a colour palette for your interiors can be tough, especially if you haven’t thought about other elements like furnishings, flooring and window coverings. This is why it is best to think about this early on when you are doing your big picture planning.

Start by getting inspiration from the Dulux Colour chart. You can then order samples or visit a retailer to get some paint sample pots – and test them on your walls. This will give you an idea of what works for your home. There are no rules when it comes to colour – but look to use white, neutrals and greys to create a sense of space, and reflect light around your interiors.

Use bold colours for smaller spaces, feature walls and accents – or do your own thing, it is your home after all.

Home Renovation Specialists Sydney plus more

We specialise in projects of all size, from small space renovations to kitchen and bathroom renovations and apartment renovations. Our design team will help you work out what you want from your makeover and what features are on your must-have list. We also design your home renovation based on your lifestyle and how you want to use it.

How much will my home renovation package cost?

This is most probably the first question on your mind, and rightly so. Cost can make or break a home renovation project – so you need to have a clear idea of how much you have to spend before we get going. The easiest way to get an idea of how much your home renovation package is going to cost is to do some research. In terms of the big picture your project budget is going to be affected by:

  • The size of your home
  • The type of materials you choose
  • The appliances and fittings you choose

The best way of working the cost of your job is to get in touch so we can visit your home. We can then work out exactly what you want from your home renovation and begin to develop a final design and budget.

Browse their ranges online or contact me to visit the showrooms together to make your selection.

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