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Renovating your office or commercial space can help give your business; space, features, tech, and brand presence that you need.

Whether you’re considering minor upgrades to furniture or fixtures or a major/small office redesign, an office renovation has been proven to have a positive impact on staff productivity and how your brand is perceived. An office renovation or refurbishment is normally on the cards if your space:

  • No longer fits your business needs
  • Is overcrowded and in need of internal reconfiguration
  • Is showing its age with old furniture and decor

The good news is that we can help with your Sydney Office Renovation, Refurbishment, and or Fit-Out even if it’s only a small change you are after!

We project manage your office renovation from start to finish and deliver your project on time and to budget.  You also deal directly with us throughout, and we coordinate everything and make it happen using a network of top-shelf tradesmen and contractors for your project.

Why the office renovation or refurbishment?

The first step is to decide what you want from your office renovation or refurbishment. Is it a complete overhaul or are you only upgrading some elements?

Questions you need to ask and answer, include:

  • How is your business going to change and grow in the future?
  • How will technology trends impact the size and shape of your office?
  • Is your space flexible enough to adapt to business growth?
  • Do you need to update the infrastructure?
  • Are you installing new technology?
  • Is it time to upgrade finishes?
  • Do we need to change the workflow of the space?
  • When is the renovation, refurbishment or fit-out happening?
  • How long will works take?
  • When will works take place, and will the office renovation impact productivity?

We can help you answer these type of questions, and develop a plan that takes all the practical and logistical issues of an office refurbishment into consideration.

Planning your Sydney Office Renovation or Refurbishment

Planning is crucial for a successful office renovation or refurbishment, it ensures your new workplace reflects your brand and is able to adapt to future changes.

Bases you need cover include:

1. Office Refurbishment Budget

Your overall budget for your office refurbishment needs to take into account the design of the fit-out, the cost of new furniture, media, and IT/telco infrastructure. You also need to budget for any interruptions to your business while works are underway – or look to schedule works to minimise these.

2. Smart Space Design

You need to be smart with the space in your office and know how much you have and how you are going to use it. This is especially true if you are doing a complete office refurbishment and reconfiguration and purchasing new office furniture. Here you need a floor plan and a clear idea of your configuration/workflow, the number of staff, and what office furniture you will be installing. Our designers can help you work out the best configuration and workflow for your workplace.

3. Choose Practical Office Furniture

Work with our designers to determine what office furniture you need. This is likely to include desks, tables, chairs, partitions, and cabinets – as well as accessories such as trays and paper baskets. If you are going to have casual break-out areas, you will also need to identify the furniture required for this – such as sofas, tables and/or bean bags. You will need to budget how much you are going to allocate for each item, with an eye on value for money and comfort. Take the time to work out small practicalities like the ergonomics of your office chairs, which also need to fit under your desks. You can also look to rent your office furniture instead of purchasing it. You can also save money by assembling your own office furniture, rather than ordering it pre-made.

4. Upgrading your Office Tech

Your new office needs tech that is able to match the workforce and also be capable of servicing the growth of the business.  The modern office needs well-positioned power points, networks points, as well as access to the latest media/video technology in entertainment areas and meeting rooms. If you have a boardroom, what tech does this space require to meet the needs of your team? You will also need to plan for a space to host your networking tech, which could be a dedicated server room.

5. The Office Renovation

If your existing space is looking a little tired and worse for wear, you may well need to renovate and touch up some areas. This could include painting walls, replacing flooring and upgrading the bathrooms. Your lighting could also need an upgrade, especially if you are changing the layout of the floorplan and moving partitions.

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What are the Trending Designs in Office Refurbishments?

If your office or commercial space has not been renovated in a while, you will want to make sure you create a space that not only keeps up with the latest trends in office design, but meets the expectations of the modern workforce. Modern office design is all about improving the physical workspace. Each space needs to be designed with the company, business or brand in mind – there is no one size fits all office design solution.

1. Open plan

The old partitioned office space has all but disappeared, and have been replaced by non-enclosed open plan/open space offices that are not defined by walls. Instead, office designers are using less obvious partitions – like frosted glass and walls of plants – to create privacy and a more relaxed culture around the workplace. This approach also helps people to relax, as the environment feels less like a workspace, and relaxed people tend to be more productive. You should design your office based on your business needs. Cubicles may be required if privacy and concentration is required by some staff, and open plan space for collaborative teamwork – or a combination of both.

2. Collaborative spaces

Collaboration is a key element of the digital economy, and your office environment needs to enable this. Here the trend is to hot-desking, rather than static spaces that are ‘owned’, as well as adjustable desks, standing desks, and even treadmill workstations. Less formal break-out areas, that look more like lounge’s, and meetings locations are replacing ‘traditional’ rooms and boardrooms. Here you need comfortable soft seating, whiteboards and screens so people can easily share and collaborate. The key is to promote the mental and physical health of your staff and reap the benefit of increased productivity and employee retention.

3. Flexible and future-proof

If you have big plans for your business – and you should – then you need to plan so your workspace keeps up with growth. Look to increase the flexibility of your office space so it is not only future-proofed but flexible enough to adapt to changes in the way you operate. Here, modular workspaces and meeting rooms can help you make changes easily without impacting productivity. Having the option to change the layout of your office also gives you the flexibility to increase staffing.

4. Greening the office

There is also a real move to ‘green’ workspaces, by incorporating natural elements into the workspace. This can be anything from living green walls to skylights, water features and the use of recycled wood in wall cladding. A connection with nature or the great outdoors has been shown to reduce stress and stimulate creativity, happiness and productivity – all positives for workplace satisfaction and happy staff.

4 Real Benefits of a Sydney Office Renovation or Refurbishment

There are a range of benefits to upgrading and refreshing your workspace, including:

  1. Aesthetics

How your office environment looks counts for a lot, like how your brand is perceived. An office refresh could mean a potential client leaves the building feeling impressed. It could also boost the quality of ideas coming from your staff, making your business more competitive and profitable.

  1. Boost staff culture and morale

Working in an environment that prioritises innovation and a positive workplace culture are crucial to nurturing company morale, so your workplace needs to be at the forefront of the employee experience. Modern well-planned workspaces can also inspire creativity and encourage innovation – which can all benefit your bottom line.

  1. Improve workflow

Having the right amount of desks is only part of the secret of catering to your workforce. They also need a modern workplace with the right mix of collaborative and intimate meeting spaces, as well as creative floor plans that encourage workflow and partnerships across teams.

  1. Attract the best staff

When it comes time to hiring new staff, a modern, updated office is crucial to attracting the right talent – and people are increasingly expecting all the latest tech, as well as contemporary perks like break out areas and games rooms.

Managing your Office Renovation or Refurbishment

It’s important you understand every step of the process so you know what to expect. Here is how we work:

  • We start with an initial chat to explore what you want to get out of your office renovation. We then book a consultation and send you a calendar invite.
  • An onsite consult is next, which gives us a chance to meet, greet and talk through your project. This is when we will discuss all the pros and cons of the different options and designs – and where we begin to move to a more defined solution.
  • We then go away and develop a draft solution for you to review. This gives you the opportunity to feedback, and decide what you want in and out.
  • Together we fine tune and revise until you are completely satisfied with your project.
  • We can then price your job, remembering that we manage all the works and trades, saving you cash and headaches.
  • You then get a presentation – face-to-face or via email. Only when you are completely satisfied we will proceed to the next step.
  • This is when you sign paperwork and get a start date for your job.
  • We then project manage your office renovation with minimal fuss.

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Office Refurbishments Sydney

Need some reasons why you should consider refurbishing your Sydney office or commercial space with us?

  • By working with you in the planning phase we also help work out a detailed budget that takes everything into account – so there are no surprises down the track.
  • We also project manage your fit-out from start to finish and deliver your project on time and to budget.
  • We plan your office renovation to ensure the works are carried out with minimal impact on your staff and operations.
  • You deal directly with us, which mean no sales reps or chasing tradies. We also use a network of top-notch tradesmen and contractors for all our projects. Needless to say, they are experienced licensed professionals who take pride in the work they carry out.
  • We coordinate everything and make it happen – read about our works process here – which takes the stress off you.

We are also fully licensed (NSW Contractor Licence: 239324C, NSW Company Licence: 286234C), and insured, and hold public liability insurance and all the necessary warranties to work on your job. All the trades and contractors we use are also top shelf professionals, who have all the necessary qualifications and licenses.




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