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Small Bathroom Renovations Ideas: 6 Ways To Modernise Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the second-busiest room after the kitchen in most homes. So it’s a shame that so many bathrooms feel as though not a lot of thought was given to their design — particularly in older houses, when functionality was the primary consideration. If you have an old-fashioned bathroom, it likely doesn’t scream style — features like pink or mint tiles, claw-foot tub and console sinks were out of vogue mere minutes after being installed.

But there’s still hope for your old, out-of-style bathroom, thanks to some easy modern bathroom renovations. Our list of small bathroom renovation ideas won’t break the bank, and you won’t even need a spacious bathroom to begin with. Read on and try them yourself:

1. Update the fixtures

When it comes to modernising a bathroom, replacing outdated fixtures with new ones is a no-brainer. There are so many modern options for faucets, showerheads, sinks and toilet seats that you’re guaranteed to find a fixture set to match any style or theme. Additionally, modern fixtures work more efficiently than older models and open doors to new toilet, sinks and shower renovation ideas for small bathrooms.

2. Redo the tiles

If there’s enough money in your budget, you can replace wall and floor tiles with new ceramic or porcelain designs. Be careful when redoing walls and floors because this where your bathroom renovation costs start adding up. Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, polish the old tiles and reapply grout for that new-tile look.

3. Lose the tub

People rarely use bathtubs nowadays — most of the time, a quick shower makes more sense than an hour-long soak. So if it’s only taking up space in your bathroom, ditch the tub for a more spacious shower. Although you can work around some small bathroom renovation ideas with a tub, it’s much easier to repurpose the extra reclaimed space.

4. Light it up

A well-lit room will usually appear more spacious than it really is. If possible, allow natural light to illuminate your bathroom during the daytime. And go for soft, stylish artificial lighting to highlight all the bathroom’s features without being too harsh to the eyes.

5. Add a splash of colour

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your bathroom. Use a sober colour such as grey, powder blue, cool white, hunter green or pistachio. You can blend different colours — but not more than two. Remember, a bathroom’s theme does not necessarily have to match that of the rest of the house, so go wild with it.

6. Display some artwork

Sometimes, it’s the small renovations that truly make a difference. Simplicity is elegant, and those little touches can truly transform your bathroom’s looks and general appeal. For instance, hanging a few paintings on the bathroom walls, and placing flower pots on the sink and cabinet tops can make the whole room feel sophisticated and homey at the same time. Art is only limited by one’s imagination. An art piece can also be a floral pattern, fancy faucets, a sleek mirror, a decorated towel rail or a set of sophisticated cabinets.

Get professional help in modernising your bathroom

Bathroom renovations are not just about looks. Even after factoring in your average bathroom renovation cost, modernising the bathroom can still improve your house’s value and quality – learn more on how renovating your bathroom adds home value.

This is just a taste of small space bathroom renovation ideas. The list of innovative, cost-efficient ideas like these is virtually endless. But it’s one thing to envision the perfect bathroom and another to put a plan into action. As an expert renovation service provider, Sydney Renovations Hire is here to help you realise your dream bathroom design. Look no further for quick, professional and affordable bathroom renovations in Sydney.

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