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Bathrooms Renovations


A wonderful home environment starts with an amazing bathroom. Come home to the bathroom you deserve. Request for solution from our Bathroom Renovations Sydney team.

The Bathroom You Deserve

Bathroom renovations begin with a thorough inspection of the space and the products that are currently in use. We begin every project by identifying what your current tastes are by looking at the design of your home to make sure that your new bathroom design correlates with it. You’ve worked hard, you’ve endured more, so you deserve a premium bathroom experience. Request a solution from our bathroom renovations Sydney team today!

Why Renovate?

Some of the many reasons people renovate their bathroom include, broken tiles, outdated design, nonfunctional layout, leaking waterproof, and many more. The industry of bathroom sanitaryware and bathroom designs has grown exponentially because of the varying demands of home owners who want their bathrooms to look impressive. This has introduced innovative designs which has improved the functionality and features of bathrooms. Our designers have worked on a variety of bathroom shapes and designs to understand how your bathroom goals will be achieved. Request a solution from our bathroom renovations Sydney team today!

The Transformation

Once we have conceptualized the design for your bathroom and acquired the products required for the renovation, the transformation begins. We will manage every facet of the renovation which includes protecting the surrounding areas. We will coordinate with tradesmen to ensure a smooth transformation. Everything from shopping for the products, to delivery will be handled by our helpful team. With complete attention to every detail, you will soon have a bathroom that you deserve! Request a solution from our bathroom renovations Sydney team today!


As part of our service, we will ensure that the rest of your home does not suffer from the renovation process. When everything is clean and ready, you will have a beautiful bathroom with no traces of its past. Our team will help you with details regarding maintenance of the sanitaryware used in the bathroom. We will also inform you about the warranties and maintenance of your new bathroomware. In its excellent new design, your bathroom is ready for use. Request a solution from our bathroom renovations Sydney team today!

Step 1: First On-Site Consultation

Your personal project design manager Jarn Elias will visit you to discuss your bathroom renovation goals and objectives. He will ask a series of questions to understand your vision and theme. Jarn Elias has designed and handed over hundreds of bathrooms so be prepared for expert advice.

Step 2: Concept Designs & Renovation Solution

Jarn Elias will prepare a renovation solution tailored personally to your renovation goals and will include everything you discussed on the first visit. This renovation solution will include all labour and materials and be clearly defined in a logical step by step process. As Jarn Elias is an expert in his field, all contingencies will be included and you can have peace of mind that your renovation will stay under budget!

Step 3: Renovation Package Contract Signed

A draft renovations solution will be emailed to you for your reviewing to ensure everything has been covered and allowed for. Once you’re happy with the renovation solution, a second on-site visit will be organised where Jarn Elias will present this solution to you to make you feel 100% comfortable with what is included and excluded. There will be no obligation to sign any contracts, Jarn Elias will leave you with your bathroom renovation solution to review and envision until you’re ready to make a final decision.

Step 4: Come home to a beautiful bathroom

Come home to the bathroom you deserve. No headaches, no unanswered phone calls, no disappointments, no stress. Just another successful custom bathroom renovation by Sydney Renovations Hire managed by your personal project manager Jarn Elias.

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