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5 Easy Laundry Renovation Ideas

While it’s certainly not the most popular room in the house, the laundry room keeps the home running smoothly. You may not think fondly of the space, but a well-designed laundry can actually make washing and ironing enjoyable — not to mention more time-efficient. Whether it’s a hole in the wall, underneath the sink or a room of its own, you can incorporate intelligent design to make the most of your laundry space. In this article, we outline 5 easy laundry renovations ideas to get your laundry looking stylish and ergonomic.

1. Maximise the space of your laundry with smart storage
Notoriously poky, laundry’s are usually a little short on space. If you’re lacking the room to make grand changes to your laundry, you need to get smart about the layout and storage of the space. A functional and attractive laundry will incorporate intelligent designs that can lock away your appliances and keep the space clean and tidy. 

The first place to start for clever laundry renovation ideas is with your cabinetry and shelving — a custom-built storage system will maximise the space and leave it uncluttered. Floating shelves are a great use of empty ceiling space and built-in cupboards allow you to shut away your washing machines and dryers from view. It’s important to remember that your shelving and cabinetry need to be durable and moisture resistant so that you can feel free to splash around as you wash your clothes without the risk of inflicting water damage on your new cupboards. 

2. Incorporate stone benchtops for functionality and style
Bench areas can take up a large amount of space in the laundry, so why not maximise their usability by installing a stone benchtop for ironing, folding and storage. For a stylish laundry renovation idea, opt for engineered stone. It’s a non-porous and durable benchtop alternative that’s resistant to water damage and heat. Not only are they durable for all-purpose use, but they look fantastic too! At Renovations Hire, we work with a fantastic range of engineered stone, like Caesarstone or Quantum Quartz benchtops which can inject a sleek modern feel into the space. Laminate is another water-proof alternative that can deliver natural stone patterns at a fraction of the price.

3. Elevate the room with unique flooring
For an easy laundry renovation idea to brighten your laundry, add warmth or a pop of colour, consider revamping your flooring. Wooden floorboards are a timeless classic that can deliver a rustic and homely feel. From dark stained woods to a whitewash finish, the choices are endless. Alternatively, you can incorporate a consistent aesthetic flow throughout your laundry and match the tiling on your benchtops, bathroom or splashback with tiled floors. It’s a cheap alternative that is both easy to keep clean and resistant to any potential water leakages.

4. Turn your laundry into a multi-purpose room
Not all homes have the luxury of abundantly spacious rooms for every requirement. Transforming your laundry into a multi-purpose room will free up your living area and bedrooms. For a clever laundry renovation idea, why not combine your laundry with other wet or messy zones like the bathroom or mudroom. Store your boots, winter jackets and spare linen together in the same spot with intelligent built-in cupboards, drawers and hanging areas. The bathroom and laundry go hand-in-hand as areas prone to wetness — insert your laundry appliances in a lock away built-in cupboard next to the shower or sink area.

5. Keep the rest of your house clean with a pet zone in the laundry
Incorporating your pet’s home within the laundry is an easy laundry renovation idea that will minimise any accidents, food or fur from spreading across the house. Add a built-in dog bed tucked neatly under the laundry sink or a feeding station hidden away in a drawer to keep the smell of pet food away from the living area. 


Laundry renovation ideas and much more at Sydney Renovations Hire

Transform your laundry from simply a room for cleaning chores to a space that you can feel proud of with our easy laundry renovation ideas. From helpful apartment checklists to the time it takes to renovate your home, we provide advice on all things home improvement. At Sydney Renovations Hire, we’ve perfected the art of intelligent home transformations with over 19 years of renovation and building industry experience. To uplift and unlock your dream home oasis, get in touch with us over the phone or online today!

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