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How Long Does A Kitchen Renovation Take? What Changes Timelines?

How Long Does A Kitchen Renovation Take? What Changes Timelines?

When you have a kitchen renovation project, you perhaps want to see results pretty soon since you want to experience the great moments as soon as possible. Your kitchen space is the heart of your home, and as much as you want the renovation work to be completed fast, you need to give it a reasonable timeframe. Renovating the kitchen can be a complex task – lots of design work has to be taken into consideration, as well as wireframes, plumbing and electrical.

You’re probably asking yourself a few questions, like “how long does a kitchen renovation take?”, or, “what’s the average time to renovate a kitchen?”. Well, it depends. Many things come into play when determining the average time to renovate a kitchen. There is the budget element, the size of the kitchen, what mind of work is to be done, and whether you will have any additional structural work carried out like electrical and plumbing. Read on to find out the basic guidelines regarding time frames according to these essential factors.

What Is The Average Time to Renovate a Kitchen?

All kitchens aren’t the same, and so is the renovation work. The average time to renovate a kitchen may be between 6 to 9 weeks. Whilst smaller kitchens can take at times even less than a month,  larger, more complex kitchen renovation projects that include other areas of the house, can take close to a year.

How Long it Takes to Renovate Smaller Kitchens?

Renovating a smaller kitchen often takes less time provided that there are no complications and you rely on the existing footprint – that’s you won’t move water and power. Therefore, how long does a kitchen renovation take for a project involving a small kitchen?

When you are all prepared, the process of refurbishing your kitchen from signing the contract to getting everything installed, it takes about 8 weeks. This work would include connecting the appliances and having the kitchen ready for use. Something to mention here is that depending on the material you use to renovate the kitchen, the work may take a little longer.

For example, if you are to do tiling and painting, then expect to have the project stretching further in terms of man-hours. That said, you should consider and plan for unexpected complications that may occur – these could cause delays.

Kitchen Renovations Process and Timelines

In kitchen renovation work, there are steps that kitchen owners and contractors have to follow. There are also timelines to these steps.

Step 1: Planning

You need to plan for the renovation project. Planning helps you determine the design option to choose from. You need to have a kitchen design that allows for both functional and beautiful kitchen space.  In terms of planning timeline, you may not know how long does a kitchen renovation take?

A kitchen designer should be able to help make the planning process a smooth experience and probably take little time. When planning, you also want to do your budget. During this process, you also choose the kitchen contractor and cabinetry maker.

Step 2: Place Orders

When you are all set to have the kitchen renovation work start, you will not go to the phase of placing orders. You need to work with the contractor to identify the materials and appliances needed. If you are doing an overhaul kitchen renovation, you need to seek flooring, tiles, sinks, lights, cabinets, appliances, taps, and other items. For intricate styles like French Provincial or Hampton design, you might need additional items like corbels and pendant lights.

Step 3: Demolition and Preparation

If a full renovation is being done, you will need to have the old kitchen stripped back to the walls to ensure the room remains clean slate for renovations. For little renovation work where you won’t have structural changes, it may take a few days.  If there is demolition work to be done, it may take longer – several weeks.

Step 4: Construction

The construction phase is the one that takes more time. Here there are various things that have to be put together. The electrical and plumbing work may take up to a week. During this step, the appliances are relocated. The sink may also be moved to another location and the electrical connections updated.

Besides, installing a plaster is part of the construction work. Often, if you have the tiled splashback, it is likely you will damage the plaster. So you will need to reinstall it. Also, plaster may be damaged when working on the electrical and plumbing systems. Ideally, installing a plaster takes a few days.

The construction work may also involve installing flooring, cabinets, setting benchtops, fitting lights, and installing splashback. Installing the floor could take up to a week based on the size of the kitchen while installing cabinets takes about three days. Benchtops involve a bit of work and may take 1 to 2 weeks. Fitting lights may take a day or two. Installing splashback takes about 1 to 2 weeks.


If you are wondering how long does it take to renovate a kitchen, then you may want to know that there is no definite timeframe. It depends on many things including the scope of the work.  The more detailed the work, the more it will take, and the simpler it is, or less the work, the less it will take to complete. The average time to renovate a kitchen would about 8 weeks.