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The Benefits Of Transitioning From Carpet To Wood Flooring

Whether it’s for your dream home renovation, your latest property project, or for your place of business, choosing the right flooring is essential to giving a property the correct feel and functionality.

In recent years, due to lifestyle changes and modern design developments, many people have found themselves wondering how to transition from carpet to wood flooring. Though carpeted flooring is cheap to install in a home, it has many downsides when compared to traditional timber and engineered timber flooring options.

Here at Sydney Renovations Hire we are committed to making your property ambitions become a reality. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality projects to you while keeping clear lines of communication with the team in order to get the desired outcome. If you are thinking about a carpet to wood floor transition, we are here to help. If you’re not quite sure whether a timber floor is the right thing for you, then read on and we will walk you through the many benefits of making the change.

  • Aesthetics

To give a traditional and somewhat timeless look, timber flooring cannot be beaten. You can opt for a traditional solid timber or engineered timber floor, both of which come in a variety of different styles and can be treated with a number of finishes in order to give you the perfect look in your property.

  • Durability

Undoubtedly, timber flooring’s best feature is its ability to handle the life you have.  If you choose to convert carpet to a wood floor you could end up with floors that last up to 100 years if maintained correctly. With modern engineered timber you can now even put wooden floors in your bathrooms, so you have the opportunity to enjoy timber flooring even in the toughest of environments.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning up your property can often be a costly experience but if you choose to convert carpet to wood floor, you may end up saving some money in the long run. As carpet ages, you will inevitably end up with stubborn stains and damaged areas. Unlike carpet, a spillage, burn, or scratch is no problem for a timber floor. Due to the versatility of timber floors, you are able to simply restore the timber back to the original finish with relative ease. Day to day upkeep is also relatively simple for a wood floor. Changing your vacuum cleaner to a broom and mop is all you will require to keep your timber flooring looking stunning.

  • Comfort and health

As well as looking amazing, timber floors can help you feel cool underfoot and can also help maintain a regulated temperature in your house overall. Opting for timber flooring can even offer benefits to your health. For those prone to allergies, timber flooring is much more beneficial. Unlike carpets it is much harder for potentially harmful bacteria and dust to become lodged in your flooring.

As you can see, there are so many clear benefits to a carpet to wood floor transition, so maybe it’s time for you to consider the change. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I have no idea how to transition from carpet to wood flooring” you need not worry as that’s where the team at Sydney Renovations Hire comes in.

With over 19 years of renovation and building industry experience, we are determined to help you renovate your property to exactly how you want it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us either over the phone or via the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from and working with you in the near future.

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